Ergonomic Commode Chair

The present disclosure discloses an ergonomic commode chair 100 to aid disabled persons, bed-ridden patients, and old people in defecation. The ergonomic commode chair 100 can include a seat 102 with a cavity, a detachable section 114 to cover and uncover the cavity of the seat 102, a sliding tray 110 having a metallic seat and a disposable bag 112. When the chair 100 is to be used by an entity, the tray 110 is slid forward and is fixed at a specific position with the help of electromagnets 126. After usage, the bag 112fixed with the tray 110 can be detached from the chair 100 and can be disposed off.


Simranjeet Singh, Surya Narayan Panda, Naveen Kumar, Rajesh Kumar kaushal, Sumit Badotra, Priyanka Datta, Dimple Nagpal, Shanu Bhardwaj

Patent File Number - 202011027366        Patent File Date - 27/06/2020        Publication Date - none

A Portable Snake Detection And Warning Device

According to an embodiment of the present disclosure a portable device to detect snakes with
hiss intuition decoding and generating a warning is disclosed. The device includes: a set of
sensors configured to sense in real time one or more signals from a pre-defined proximity of
the device, said sensors comprises a microphone coupled with a resonating device to enable
sensing of the one or more signals in a frequency range of 10 Hz to 1 KHz; a control unit
comprising of one or more processors coupled to a dataset storage memory and the set of
sensors, to classify the sensed signal by matching the extracted one or more parameters with a
pre-loaded dataset; wherein, the pre-loaded dataset comprising a set of intensities and
frequencies of one or more sound signals associated with snakes; wherein the control unit
generate an alert signal based on positive matching of the extracted one or more parameters
and the pre-loaded dataset, and an alert unit operatively coupled with the control unit,
wherein the alert unit configured to generate any or a combination of an audio and a visual
alert based on the generated alert signal which is indicative of detection of the snake in the
pre-defined close proximity of


Nitin Saluja, Sehajpreet Singh, Prikshit Singla, Drishti Gupta, Tushar Kaushik, Chanpreet Singh, Varinder Singh

Patent File Number - 201911028234        Patent File Date - 14/07/2019        Publication Date - none

Topical Analgesic Composition

The present invention discloses a novel dosage form for use as a topical/cutaneous analgesic wherein the same consists of the drug midazolam along with suitable excipients for formulating as cream, ointment, lotion or dermal spray. Known therapeutic use of Midazolam is as an anti-anxiety drug (oral) and as an anesthetic (injectable) but not as an analgesic. The inventors evaluated existing compounds for therapeutic potential as a topical analgesic free from side-effects. Surprisingly, Midazolam not only emerged as a good candidate with strong analgesic effect when used topically but was also free from any undesirable side-effects. It has very low Primary Irritation Index (PII <2) i.e. it is non-irritating. Further, it did not exert any significant change in the locomotor activity. Effective dosage in test subjects (rats) was found to be 30 mM for topical application and the equivalent dose in humans being was about 1.5 grams per kg body weight.


Thakur Gurjeet Singh, Ashish Kumar Rehni, Sonia Dhiman

Patent File Number - 201611018772        Patent File Date - 31/05/2016        Publication Date - 02/09/2018

Energy Efficient Refrigerator

The inventors of the present invention have developed an energy efficient refrigerator. The inventors of the present invention have modified the internal compartments/cabins of the refrigerator to prevent its cooling losses. Inventors have provided a transparent slider shutter (which can be made of polycarbonate plastic) for each compartment/cabin inside the refrigerator which has a main door to open it. The collapsible shutter gives access to any of the compartment/cabin without affecting other compartment/cabin of the refrigerator. The horizontal moving shutter panels reduces the volume of disturbed air while opening it. So this method prevents the loss of cold air form the refrigerator and the efficiency of refrigerator will also increase.

INVENTORS : Jatin Sharma, Harjot Singh, Sachin Ahuja

Patent File Number - 201611011474        Patent File Date - 31/03/2016        Publication Date - 22/12/2017

Novel Antiepileptic Compound

The present invention discloses a novel anti-epileptic compound which is very effective in treating refractory epilepsy. Though pathophysiology of epilepsy is well understood and a number of drugs are available in the market but still the existing antiepileptic drugs are not effective, cannot cure refractory epilepsy, have side effects, are not economical and have failed to cure the epilepsy completely. The inventors have addressed the above problems in a very innovative manner by providing a compound Diethyl dithiocarbamic acid sodium salt trihydrate (DDA) and its effective dose (75-150 mg/kg) which can cure refractory epilepsy. The said compound acts at molecular level and leads to cure refractory epilepsy by inhibiting transcriptional factor kappa- B (NF-?B). The NF-?B regulates the induction of genes involved in seizures and epilepsy (status epilepticus condition). The said compound can be given to the patients in any dosage form such as tablets, syrups, sustained release capsules etc.

INVENTORS : Thakur Gurjeet Singh, Shareen Singh, Ashish Kumar Rehni, Sonia Dhiman

Patent File Number - 201811020489        Patent File Date - 31/05/2018        Publication Date - 06/12/2019

Advanced Autonomous Wall Painting Machine for High Rise Buildings

In the present invention, inventors have developed an electronic advance autonomous wall crawling machine exclusively used for painting purpose. For sticking the machine with wall, suction cups with self-counter are used. Vertical and horizontal slider rails are available through which whole machine can move in conjugation with pneumatic cylinders. The movement mechanism on the wall is either manually with the help of PLC control unit or autonomous with the help of sensors which not only detects and avoids the various obstacles but also calculates the required area to be painted. The machine is embedded with machine learning algorithm. Power unit and paint repository are kept separately and connected through wires and pipes respectively with the machine. An air balloon protection system is also embedded with the machine in conjugation with the acceleration sensor which avoids the free fall from the wall for any unexpected reason during painting operation.

INVENTORS : Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran, Amandeep Singh Oberoi, Harsh Sohal, Sachin Ahuja

Patent File Number - 201711003499        Patent File Date - 31/01/2017        Publication Date - 03/08/2018

Portable Device for Analysing Adulteration In Milk

The device consists of a light source, diffraction grating, camera, lens, microprocessor and a display screen. The sample solution is placed inside the instrument in a cuvette, next to a light source. A diffraction grating is placed between the sample and the detector so that a highly specific spectrum is generated when light passes through the sample and the grating. A camera collects the images of the spectrum of test samples. The images are analysed using a computer software program stored in a microprocessor. A readable output in the form of a graph, on a display screen is generated and compared with the already fed standard values to generate results. The device thus allows the quantitative as well as qualitative measurement of impurities like urea detergents, vegetable oil, pesticides etc present in milk in real time.

INVENTORS : Jyotsna Kaushal, Pooja Mahajan, Praney Madan, Aakash Kapasia, Parikshit Bansal

Patent File Number - 2718/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 31/08/2015        Publication Date - 03/03/2017

Passenger Drop-off Location Reporting Unit

Passenger Drop-Off Location Reporting Unit discloses a passenger drop-off location which consists of reporting unit, in particular a controller with display is mounted near bus driver displaying the plurality of bus drop-off locations over the specific route. Each respective LED light over display corresponds to a specific drop-off location. The controller is in communication with scanner mounted at the entry gate of the bus. The scanner scans the purchased RFID based tokens preprogrammed for respective drop-off location. When in use, the passenger can conveniently scan his/her RFID based token due to which a command is generated by controller to prompts bus driver an LED glow indicating the respective drop-off location. Said scanner is also used for refilling amount in RFID chips.

INVENTORS : Tushar Dhawan

Patent File Number - 201711038729        Patent File Date - 31/10/2017        Publication Date - 21/06/2019

Vpn Based System And Method To Detect And Monitor Passenger Overloading In Public Transport.

The present invention discloses a system and method to detect real time passenger overloading in multiple vehicles in public transport. The system includes two display devices and suitable sensors to provide a real time counting of the passengers on board at a time. This is achieved with the help of a programmed micro controller which processes the information received from the sensors. This microprocessor along with electronic circuitry is placed in a control box kept in the vehicle at a suitable location. For analyzing the received information at a higher level for multiple vehicles plying on the road, the control box is connected to computer network cloud system and the status in every stop is updated instantly in database using Big Data Analytics technology. The detail of occupancy status with date, time may be retrieved.

INVENTORS : Surya Narayan Panda, T.L. Singhal, Abhishek Kansal, Prince Dogra, Piyush Sohal, Pratham Bathla, Anchal Kathuria

Patent File Number - 201611018733        Patent File Date - 31/05/2016        Publication Date - 02/09/2018

System And Method for Reviewing Content

The present disclosure provides a system and a method for reviewing content. The proposed
content review system 104 receives the content, transmitted by a router 102, and identifies one or
more words selected from the received content based on one or more recognition techniques.
One of the recognition techniques involves a comparison of the words of the received content
with a pre-configured dataset comprising a list of words to be identified out from the content. In
other recognition technique, one or more words are identified from the received content based on
interpretation of a context associated with the received content by using one or more classifiers
of a CNN. The identified words are either filtered out, or substituted by some pre-determined
words. The reviewed content is, then, transmitted to the server 106.

INVENTORS : Ashish Gera, Vedanshi Garg, Arina Roy

Patent File Number - 202011004408        Patent File Date - 31/01/2020        Publication Date - none

Magnetic Liquid Based Self-Charging Battery And Method of Self-Charging.

A novel self-charging battery using magnetic liquid is developed by the inventors. The said self-charging battery, for energy harvesting consists of ‘electrodes’, ‘magnet’, and ‘magnetic-liquid’. Battery works like an ordinary battery and uses magnets to self-charge. Hence eliminates the need of external charging. Self-charging capability makes it a self -sustainable battery. The battery will do the work of being both the energy harvester and storage element.

INVENTORS : Deepak Saluja, Ritika Jindal, Shubham

Patent File Number - 201611018507        Patent File Date - 31/05/2016        Publication Date - none

Alert System for Vehicles

An alert system for vehicles is described. The system includes a first set of sensors
configured with the vehicle to sense one or more parameters pertaining to movement and

position of the vehicle; a second set of sensors configured with the vehicle to sense a real-
time location of the vehicle; and a control unit operatively coupled to the first and the second

sets of sensors. The control unit compares a value associated with at least one of the sensed
one or more parameters with one or more thresholds; and generates one or more alert signals
based on the comparison, when the value associated with at least one of the one or more
parameters exceeds the respective threshold of the one or more thresholds based on the

INVENTORS : Kunal Gagneja

Patent File Number - 202011004409        Patent File Date - 31/01/2020        Publication Date - none

Naturally Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins With Skin Care Properties

The present disclosure relates to a biodegradable napkin with skin care and
healing properties. The napkin includes a first layer (1), a protection second layer
(2), an antibacterial absorber third layer (3), a fourth and fifth coating layers (4,5)
and a sixth covering layer (6). The first layer (1) coated with cooling material
such as Aloe vera, Menthol and the like for cooling effect. The second layer (2)
10 prevents a leakage of fluids discharged by the user. The antibacterial absorber
third layer (3) merged with the second layer (2) having a first supernatant mixture
of silver (Ag) nano-particles, azadirachta indica, and wrightia tinctoria leaves to
kill the bacteria of the leakage of fluids. The sixth covering layer (6) made of a
jute fiber cloth enclosing the first layer, the protection second layer, the
15 antibacterial absorber third layer, and the fourth and fifth coating layers as a
composite being held inside the sixth covering layer to form the napkin.

INVENTORS : Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran, Partha Khanra, Neha Sharma

Patent File Number - 201911021606        Patent File Date - 30/05/2019        Publication Date - none

Wind Turbine Driven Generator for Vehicle

The inventor has developed a wind turbine driven generator for vehicle which uses maximum wind energy and converts it into electrical energy for running vehicles. Generator comprises of a covered box which is so designed that that internal partitions act as two nozzles each with wide front end and narrow rear end. Inside the box, four or more vertical axis turbines with vertical blades are so fitted that air which is compressed due to this nozzle like shape of the partitions causes turbine to rotate and thus electricity energy produced is used by the vehicle. Converging conical flaps to reduce the volume and increase the pressure of outgoing air and directional flaps at the rear end of the nozzle shaped partitions to direct outgoing air downwards towards the rear glass are used in order to maintain the aerodynamics of the air.

INVENTORS : Prabhjot Singh

Patent File Number - 1962/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 30/06/2015        Publication Date - 30/12/2016

Electronically Controlled Nursing Bed

The electronically controlled nursing bed is helpful for bedridden patients to change their positions automatically or periodically as suggested by doctors. The whole device is self-controlled in specific angles/positions/tilt. To prevent patient from bedsores the electronically controlled nursing bed helps the patient to change their position to left, right or at a particular angle by hand gesture control. Apart from bed positioning patient can control room environment like light, fan, window curtain, blanket wrapping by its own, without any attendant/ caretaker help. Caretaker/attendant can help patient in his/her bowl movement without lifting the patient form bed. The invention provides sanitary trolley under the bed with switch controlled movement. Hence the present invention provides complete patient care and decreases the requirement of the hospital caring staff.

INVENTORS : Amitoj Singh, Vidyotma Gandhi, Piyush Insaa, Pranay Walia

Patent File Number - 3133/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 30/09/2015        Publication Date - 31/05/2017

Electronic Assistive Mat foracupressure of Hand And Method ofuse Thereof

The invention discloses an electronic assistive mat for acupressure of hand and its method of use. The mat comprises a plurality of actuators as well as LED pattern distributed therein and a controller configured to control the actuators within the area of active LED pattern. User places his/her hand over mat and presses the actuators which therefore activates LED pattern as per the shape of hand which provide a visual information to the user for placing hand as well as an instruction to the controller to control the actuators of the actuation area within the active area of LED pattern. For use, the mat is to be connected with computer with associated software which enables user to choose various acupressure points within hand and initiate the acupressure process.

INVENTORS : Pinkashia Sharma, Jaiteg Singh, Sachin Ahuja, Jasmeet Kaur, Surya Narayan Panda

Patent File Number - 201811016284        Patent File Date - 30/04/2018        Publication Date - 01/11/2019

Internet of Things (Iot) And Artificial Intelligence Enabled Tea Vending System

The present disclosure relates to a smart vending system (302) that uses
green/natural tea leaves instead of processed tea. The smart vending system (302)
includes a display device (302), one or more components, a memory (308) and a
processor (306). The display device (302) receives inputs associated with
physical or physiological characteristics of a user. One or more components
10 arranged in the smart vending system, each of said components adapted to store
edible leaves. The memory (308) stores a machine learning (ML) module (310).
The processor (308) executes ML module to enable smart vending system to
determine current health condition of the user based on the received inputs and
obtain a pre-determined quantity of a combination of the edible leaves from the
15 components to dispense the nutritional serving in a container based on the
determined health condition.

INVENTORS : Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran, Neha Sharma

Patent File Number - 201911021602        Patent File Date - 30/05/2019        Publication Date - none

Vertically Aligned Liquid Crystal Display Device And Its Method of Manufacture Thereof

The inventor of the present invention has disclosed a method of forming a vertically aligned liquid crystal display device using plain ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) substrate and nematic liquid crystal in a single step. The invention provides a vertically aligned liquid crystal (LC) display device in single step formation, comprises Plain ITO substrate and nematic LC of either positive or negative dielectric anisotropy. No surface treatment is given to ITO substrate as well as no inducer/alignment layer is used. The device of the present invention has good stability, high transmittance, fast response, and higher contrast, which are comparable to commercialized VA devices. The surface polar anchoring strength of the LCD device is found in the same order of the surface polar anchoring energy of conventional PI-VA (Polyimide vertical alignment) cell. Moreover the device is inexpensive and reduced the process of formation.

INVENTORS : Pankaj Kumar

Patent File Number - 1965/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 30/06/2015        Publication Date - 30/12/2016

System And Method for Cleaning A Board

The present disclosure provides a system and method for cleaning a board. The system
includes: a sliding assembly coupled to the board, and having sliding member and cleaning
unit coupled to sliding member; an input unit having imaging device configured to receive
information associated with the board and generate first set of images associated with the
information; and a control unit configured to clean, by using the cleaning unit, the board by
activating the sliding assembly; detect, upon generation of the first of images, one or more
objects in at least one of the first set of images; generate, by the control unit, metadata
associated with at least one of the detected objects to extract a query image from the first set
of images based on the metadata; and clean, by using the cleaning unit, based on extraction of
the query image, the board.

INVENTORS : Virender Kadyan, Rishabh Sharma, Girish Kumar, Santosh Kumar Verma

Patent File Number - 201911039604        Patent File Date - 30/09/2019        Publication Date - none

Portable Human Recognition Device

The inventors of the present invention have developed a portable and user friendly system that can be used to establish identity of an individual by means of multimodal input i.e. digital photograph, finger print, QR code or iris scan. Any one of the given input is able to establish the identity of the given person. The system is provided with an interface that can be connected to the database of any Government, Public or private organization database and identifies the given person. The Human Recognition System of present invention has a user friendly interface that uses big data analytics for retrieval of information from the database. The device is capable of providing information about the nearby dispensary or hospital where the person can be taken in case of emergency by using GSM module.

INVENTORS : Satyam Dhiman, Vikram Mangla, Harmandeep Basra, Arzoo Dhiman

Patent File Number - 3134/DEL/2015        Patent File Date - 30/09/2015        Publication Date - 31/03/2017

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