Consultancy Projects

  • Mentorship Support Provided for Development of Project Titled “Dequani – Counterfeit Detector”-Intellectual inputs Only

    Sponsor: Dr. Archana Mantri
    Project Head: Dr. K R Ramkumar
    Project Number: EXPRO/CUPB/2020-022
    Project Start Date: 14/01/2020   |  End Date: 13/10/2020

  • Bronze Sculpture – Size- 32”x18”x10” , Medium: Bronze, Portrait of Pt. Karyananda Sharma, Ex MP, Luckeesarai, Bihar

    Sponsor: Mr. Amrendra Kumar Singh
    Project Head: Mr. Vinit Bihari
    Project Number: EXPRO/CUPB/2020-021
    Project Start Date: 28/05/2019   |  End Date: 25/06/2019

  • Training of Engineers from SEB

    Sponsor: Mr. Rajinder Singh
    Project Head: Mr.Arrik Khanna & Madan Pal Dhiman
    Project Number: EXPRO/CrEila-02/2018-062-A
    Project Start Date: 12/04/2018   |  End Date: 19/04/2018

  • Market Training & Scientific Session

    Sponsor: Mr. Manish Marwaha, Managing Director
    Project Head: Dr. Sandeep Arora & Dr. Thakur Gurjeet Singh
    Project Number: EXPRO/CUPB/2020-020
    Project Start Date: 19/01/2020   |  End Date: 19/01/2020

  • “Painting Making on the occasion of World Lamborghini day, Medium- Acrylic on Canvas, Size- 24 x 30 inches, Man Singh Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan “

    Sponsor: Priyamvada Batra
    Project Head: Dr. Ranjan Kumar Mallik
    Project Number: EXPRO/CUPB/2020-019
    Project Start Date: 28/02/2020   |  End Date: 28/02/2020

  • On Site Planning and Architecture Consultancy provided to Deep Builders for Hotel at Kufri, HP

    Sponsor: Mr. Kuldeep Singh
    Project Head: Professor Dr Ambuj Kumar
    Project Number: EXPRO/CUPB/2020-018
    Project Start Date: 25/08/2019   |  End Date: 25/02/2020

  • Hepatoprotective Potential of Polyherbal Formulation

    Sponsor: Ms. Sharuti Mehta
    Project Head: Dr. Thakur Gurjeet Singh
    Project Number: EXPRO/CUPB/2020-017
    Project Start Date: 20/12/2019   |  End Date: 20/03/2020

  • Consultancy provided for Film Production

    Sponsor: Mr. Sandeep Kaushik
    Project Head: Dr. Ashutosh Mishra
    Project Number: EXPRO/CUPB/2020-016
    Project Start Date: 01/03/2020   |  End Date: 01/03/2020

  • Providing Photography Skill Development Training

    Sponsor: Mr. Sai Kriti
    Project Head: Dr. Ashutosh Mishra
    Project Number: EXPRO/CUPB/2020-015
    Project Start Date: 17/02/2020   |  End Date: 18/05/2020

  • 7th International Public Health Management Development Program

    Sponsor: Sonu Goel, Asst. Professor- Health Management School of PublicHeath- PGIMER Chandigarh
    Project Head: Dr. Preethi John
    Project Number: EXPRO/CUPB/2020-014
    Project Start Date: 09/02/2020   |  End Date: 10/02/2020

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